Wowza StreamingEngine 4.x Installation

Textual installation:
I will be very straight forward about the installation. I assume you already have a fresh installed clean ubuntu server. If you don’t run on root, use sudo as prefix on the commands given in this tutorial

To make sure you will get through this installation first get a developer license first. You need it during the installation of wowza. You can get as many and as often one. The license is valid for 180 days and you can use it for 1 upload stream and 10 viewers. For developing purposes this should be enough. When the 180 days are over, just replace it with a Crack version;).

Always check for the latest JDK: You might have to update the url of the java download

  1. Make sure your ubuntu server is up to date. Run the 2 commands.

    2. Wowza is depending on Java, so we have to install it manually (update april 17, 2018)

    3. Extract the package

    4. remove old installer (if you have run into issues when installing Java)

    5. Set the java as default

    6. Go to /etc/profile.d/ and create a file and add the contents to it

    7. Run the file you just created

    8. So now when you check you should see the java version
  2. The java installation is now done. The upgrade process for the version to show in Wowza hasn’t changed.
  3.  Download the latest version (in this case 4.7.6) you can replace it with the latest version (which you can find here:

    Make the file executable:

    Time to run the file and start the actual installation:

    5. Some questions will be asked. they all can be answered with Enter or yes.

    Get your license key on standby. You need it here:

    After this you have to create a username and password to your choice (words in capitals you should fill in yourself.

    Do you want to start wowza automaticly after a reboot?

    Setup is ready. Continue to install wowza with the settings you gave in above questions. Not sure? (type N to start from step 4 again).

    Time to get some coffee (it will take about a minute or 2)

    After this the setup is done

    You can now access your wowza streamingEngine Manager in your browser by typing your ipadress instead of the YOUR_SERVER_IP in the example below.

  4. Go on the commandline again an check the java version:

    It will show something like this:

    When you go into the Enginemanager and to server > About
    You will most likely see a different (older) version. In my case it was: 1.8.0_144
    So Wowza is not using my latest java version on the server. Here is a fix for that:
    Go on the commandline again:

    This will remove the current java version and create a symlink to the latest version. After this restart the streamingengine and enginemanager.

    Now login again in the Enginemanager and check the java version again. It should give you the same version as you have on the server. In my case: 1.8.0_172

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